Collection: Battle Decks

V Battle decks are replacing the traditional theme deck format. These decks are not connected to the launch of a new set. They also have perks that immediately make these more desirable than the standard theme deck. 


  • Contain one V Battle card per deck. These cards are quite powerful and give you a bit more of a fighting chance.
  • Some of the cards in the V Battle sets are exclusive to these decks, making them a bit more desirable for collectors. That said, V Battle decks seem to be readily available for purchase.
  • V Battle decks are sold individually and in two-deck bundles that come with extra Trainer cards that are stronger than the ones that come with each deck
  • As of writing, all of these decks are eligible for use in the Standard format of competitive play at IRL events or online. Refer to the official rulings from the Pokemon Company on what cards are eligible.


League Battle decks are designed with serious play in mind. These decks feature cards that are more powerful than those in the other sets due to the cards within.


  • The most competitively-viable deck options out-of-the-box
  • Come with a larger quantity of GX/V/VMax cards, depending on set
  • Some League Battle decks are sold in sets of two, allowing you and a friend to engage in high-level play right away
  • Some variations of cards are exclusive to these decks, making them a bit more of a collector’s item. 
  • May include other goodies such as damage dice and status tokens. Check the product description of each set for exact contents.