About Us

Our Story

Remember that feeling the first time you cracked a booster of Pokemon cards or when you were first introduced to Pikachu? We do!

We've been living the Pokemon life since day one in 1996, when our founder Nate caught the bug while working as a chef in Japan .

Fast forward to today - and with a couple of junior Pokemon masters in the family - we're doubling down on our passion for all things Pokemon and creating a dedicated online store dedicated to the art of Catching 'Em All!

We look forward to providing you personal service, same-day shipping and great prices, as well as an ever-increasing product range as we add new lines from around the world. We only list pre-orders for stock quantities we've secured, so it might be on the site a little later than others, but you will never get your pre-order cancelled for lack of stock.

Oh, and if you live that Pokemon life as we do, feel free to become our friend on Pokemon Go - 5425 8374 7836!


Our Mission

Fast shipping, with items in stock - when you buy something online, you don't want to wait for it. We guarantee same-day shipping for items ordered by 11am AEST, and next-day shipping for those ordered later. Items will only be added to the website for order when our allocation is guaranteed.

Personal service - when you contact PKMN, you'll always talking to the people who can give you answers to your questions, and we'll get back to you fast. We're not perfect, but we will always be proactive and keep you up to date with your order and if something goes wrong we'll own it, and more importantly fix it!

Great prices - we see the way some of the big boys mark up their cards, rest assured PKMN won't jack up the prices whether it's a new set or an old treasure that everyone else has somehow missed!

Be different, be better - bonuses and pre-order notification for repeat customers. Allowing customers to buy the variant or box design they want, not "random selection" BS. Tell us how we can do things better, we're always listening!