Collection: Crown Zenith

Experience the full beauty of the Pokémon TCG with Crown Zenith’s Galarian Gallery! Witness the ghoulish gaze of Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR under a full moon, observe Darkrai VSTAR over a moonlit lake as it wields the power of nightmares, and take a stroll with the ambitious Cynthia as she researches the myths and legends of Sinnoh on these special alternate-art cards. 

Cower before the Legendary power of Regigigas as it takes shape as a Pokémon V and VSTAR! The Colossal Pokémon boasts the most HP of any Pokémon VSTAR released thus far, and its Giga Impact attack has the whole weight of the world behind it. When things get tense, Regigigas VSTAR even has the Star Guardian VSTAR Power at its fingertips, allowing you to discard 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon if they have exactly 1 Prize card remaining. And another Colorless-type Pokémon V is getting in on the mayhem—Eevee V. With its Vee Brave attack, it can do up to 160 damage against any Pokémon V standing in its way. Eevee may be small, but its impact can be just as mighty as that of Regigigas!