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Pokemon - Horsea Pop! Vinyl

Pokemon - Horsea Pop! Vinyl

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Pokedex Entry #116:

Horsea, the little horse pokemon of the sea. In this unique Pokémon species, thousands of Eggs hatch every spring, and then the male raises them himself. If it senses any danger, it will vigorously spray water or a special type of ink from its mouth. Known to shoot down flying bugs with precision blasts of ink from the surface of the water. It uses its tail to keep its balance while spraying ink from its mouth. Its big, developed fins move rapidly, allowing it to swim backward while still facing forward. If attacked by a larger enemy, it quickly swims to safety by adeptly controlling its dorsal fin. When they're in a safe location, they can be seen playfully tangling their tails together. Horsea eats small insects and moss off of rocks. If the ocean current turns fast, this Pokémon anchors itself by wrapping its tail around rocks or coral to prevent being washed away. It makes its nest in the shade of corals. If it senses danger, it spits murky ink and flees. They swim with dance-like motions and cause whirlpools to form. Horsea compete to see which of them can generate the biggest whirlpool.

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